Thank you!

Thank you to our supporters for making our Summer 2020 Food Boxes possible! We were able to deliver free food from the Halifax Brewery Farmers’ Market to students in need during the Covid-19 pandemic. We delivered 428 food boxes to individuals and 67 double-boxes to households from April to August 2020.


Loaded Ladle Food Bucks Program – Gift Card

We are launching a new program today, the Loaded Ladle Food Bucks Program – Gift Card. With the gift card, you will be able to purchase grocery items at the Neighbourhood Goods General Store. For example, local vegetables and fruits, bread, eggs, tofu, and other food items.

We have a limited number of gift cards available, so some criteria will be performed to select the students; these criteria follow the Loaded Ladle` equity principles. Sign up with the link below to have the opportunity to receive a gift card; the sign up will be closed on September 20th, at 4 pm

If you are selected to participate in the program, you will receive four gift cards, one for each month – September to December. According to the following details:

  • The gift card must be used only at Neighbourhood Goods’ market store, you can not use it at the Halifax brewery market on Saturdays for individual vendors. -You will receive a Gift Card code for each month, and you need to show it together with your DalCard during the items purchase or pick up.
  • There are two purchase options directly at Neighbourhood Goods General Store or through their online store and pick up your items there. THERE IS NO DELIVERY
  • The gift cards are one-time use, you can not split in different purchases. If you left for example $10 at balance you can not use another day or month. You should use your available credit once.
  • The gift cards have an expiration date, you should use the available credit before the expiration date.
  • If the sum of values for all selected items is bigger than the Gift Card value, two separate transactions will be required. One for gift card value and another to remaining items, being the participant responsible for the payment of the second transaction.

Those who can afford to purchase a market box are asked to order through the farmer’s market websites. At this time, we are only offering this service to Dalhousie’s students in the Halifax area. If you require food, but you are not a student, or if we have reached our capacity, please find a food bank using Feed Nova Scotia’s website, Please share this post with any who could benefit from it.

With care and solidarity, The Loaded Ladle

Winter 2019 Opt-Out


The Loaded Ladle receives a levy of $4.50 per semester for every full-time member of the Dalhousie  and King’s Students Unions. Every fall and winter we hold an “opt out” period, where students can request that we refund their levy. However, students who choose to refund their levy revoke their privileges with the Loaded Ladle and can no longer access Ladle services, vote in meetings or elections, or request Loaded Ladle documents, meeting minutes, or policy. We don’t recommend that you opt out, but you can if you want.


Opt Out Period

This year, the Ladle’s Winter opt-out period will be held from February 25- March 1. During this time, you can ask us to refund the Winter semester levy of $4. Students are required to present their Dal Card when opting out of the Loaded Ladle. Look for our tables around noontime or visit our office in Room B24 of the SUB.


Monday, Feb 25 Kings

Tuesday, Feb 26 Loaded Ladle Office

Wednesday, Feb 27: Sexton

Thursday, Feb 28:  Carleton

Friday, March 1: Tupper Link