Ladle TV

Ladle TV is an online cooking show filmed from the Loaded Ladle kitchen! Guest chefs share their favourite recipes and you can cook along at home! The Loaded Ladle provides free food boxes with all the ingredients leading up to show.

If you missed the sign-up or just want to get your own ingredients to follow-along, reach out to us at to get the ingredients list and recipes in advance of the next show.

To sign up for upcoming Ladle TV programs, find the signup form on our LINKTREE account. No link there? That means the sign-up is full for the upcoming TV show, but a new one should be posted for the next show soon!


Chili Paneer & Carrot Halwa: Airing live on Fri Feb 26 at 6pm

The sign up form for the Chili Paneer & Carrot Halwa free food box is full, but you can still grab your own ingredients and follow along using the recipe below!

Then, head over to the Loaded Ladle Instagram page to watch Ladle TV LIVE! Or check back here afterwards for the recording.


Sweet Potato Ravioli with Tareq Yousef & Thomas

Sweet Potato Ravioli Recipe

Lentil Shepherd’s Pie with Fran and Adam

Vegan Tomato Curry with Vanthian Balasubramanian

Vegan Tomato Curry recipe

Pizza and Garlic Fingers with Shanelle Mason

Seitan with Keith MacIsaac

Learn to make seitan, a meat alternative.

Tofu Fried Rice with Kelly Liu

Kelly Liu joins us in the kitchen to teach us the secret of making perfect tofu fried rice.
Lots of good kitchen tips!

Cauliflower Tacos with Bhavya Kapoor

Spiced cauliflower tacos!
Find Parts 2 & 3 on the Loaded Ladle YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Ukrainian Pierogies with Nadja Smith-Hanson

Click here for Part 2 of Ukrainian Pierogies (peh-da-heh/varenyky) with Nadja

Sauerkraut with Su Donovaro

THANK YOU TO THE CANADIAN RED CROSS for the financial support to make LADLE TV possible!