Membership + Opt-Outs

As a levied society of the Dalhousie and Kings’ Students’ Unions, the Loaded Ladle strives to be accountable and transparent to its members. We encourage our members to read our governing documents. We welcome all feedback from our membership and are happy to meet or talk about concerns or comments you may have.

Every Spring, the Loaded Ladle holds its Annual General Meeting, where we elect a Board of Directors for the upcoming year, make constitutional changes, and present next year’s budget. Members are able to attend the AGM, vote on motions, and contribute to the future of the Loaded Ladle.

Full-time Dalhousie University and University of Kings College students pay a levy of $4.50 per semester ($9.00 per year) to support The Loaded Ladle. We hold 2 opt-out periods per academic year, where fee-paying members can have their levy money refunded. These periods are publicized online and widely around all Dalhousie and Kings campuses, as per our constitution and opt-out policy. Anyone choosing to opt-out of the Loaded Ladle forfeits their rights and privileges as members, and will no longer be able to access Loaded Ladle services.