Throughout the year, The Loaded Ladle provides regular programming related to food security, food justice and food sovereignty. We also offer workshops on growing, preparing, and preserving cultivated and wild foods. All events, workshops and activities are noted on our Calendar, and are advertised on Facebook and Instagram. Our regular programs are highlighted below.

Lunch ‘n’ Learn

Lunch’n’Learn is a  new program series the Loaded Ladle initiated in the fall of 2018, to replace the former reading group, Radish Reads. Lunch’n’Learn takes place every second Tuesday in the Loaded Ladle serving are of the Dalhousie SUB, where we gather informally to address a different topic each session. Join us!

To the Root Workshop Series

Each fall, we offer a series of free workshops, talks, get-togethers, and community meals  – To the Root – that provide a chance to learn, connect, and broaden our understanding of food justice and related issues. We’re hoping to bring together students, community members, and food activists to dig into food politics! We will have more to share as fall approaches.


The Loaded Ladle periodically produces recipe zines together with volunteers and community members.

  • Cuizine 2017 is our latest Recipe zine. Click here to download a printable PDF copy.
  • We also made a recipe zine in 2015! Click here to download a compact PDF of the zine, .

Did you eat something amazing at the Ladle and now can’t WAIT to make it yourself? Contact us and we will put the recipe up!

Solidarity Servings

Visit our Solidarity Servings page to find out about our work in the larger community.