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Throughout the year, The Loaded Ladle provides programming related to food security, food justice and food sovereignty. We also offer workshops on growing, preparing, and preserving cultivated and wild foods. Events, workshops and activities are advertised on Facebook and Instagram or linked on our Linktree page. Some of our regular programs are highlighted below.

Ladle TV: A Special Program for 2020/2021

Watch and follow along as student chefs cook their favorite meals in our kitchen!

To the Root Workshop Series

Each fall, we offer a series of free workshops, talks, get-togethers, and community meals – To the Root – that provide a chance to learn, connect, and broaden our understanding of food justice and related issues. We’re hoping to bring together students, community members, and food activists to dig into food politics! We will have more to share as fall approaches.

Solidarity Servings

The Loaded Ladle recognizes the importance of connecting the social justice work we do around food, with supporting movements in the larger community of which we are a part. This means that along with offering four servings a week on campus, we also offer solidarity servings for groups with whom we share a common goal of social and environmental justice.

Any group can request a solidarity serving, you don’t necessarily need to be a student group. We do give first priority to groups who have limited funding resources, and wouldn’t otherwise be able to have food at their event. We try to accommodate all requests, as resources allow.

We don’t see this as a free lunch, rather we see it as working together on creating a more just society. Because of this, we also ask that if you are requesting a solidarity serving, you are able to provide volunteers to help prepare the food. This also creates a community around sharing food, and is more fun!

To request a serving, please send a message with a brief outline of your event. We will be in touch with you soon!