Special General Meeting April 29th at 6:30!

Tuesday April 27th at 6:30 PM ADT on Zoom

the letters S, G, and M and the words Special General Meeting against a blue background

 All community members (which includes all volunteers and all Dal and King’s students) are invited to attend our Special General Meeting on April 27th.

We need at least 10 general members plus our board to be there to have the number of people required to make votes! Please come if you can <3 

Pre-registration is not required, but we will send you a reminder e-mail if you do! (Plus it makes us panic less about reaching quorum). Pre-register here

What we’re going to do:
Fun End of Year Stuff!

  • Slide-show and review of the highlights of the year. What we did really well on!
  • Feedback results from our Sexton Survey!
  • A door prize including a Maple Sage Hope Blooms dressing, an organic double cocoa Feral Chocolate bar, and a cookbook – you choose between “Eating Wild in Eastern Canada” or “Kitchen Without Borders” 
  • A Loaded-Ladle themed dance for you to learn during intermission

Technical End of Year Stuff! (May or may not be fun!)

  • Goal setting for next year, areas to improve, esp in terms of Anti-O, but also in terms of our values!
  • Vote to change the constitution and the by-laws to allow board member honoraria (pending DSU approval)
  • Vote to change the fiscal year-end to August in both our Constitution and our Co-op Bylaws.
  • Vote to add “signing the register of members” as part of the required actions to be considered a member of the Loaded Ladle (pending review)

Why is it an SGM and not an AGM?
Our AGM is moving from the Spring to the Fall – we’ll have our AGM, including elections for our board, on September 21st, 2021.

Fri March 26, 2021: Loaded Ladle 10 year anniversary party!

The Loaded Ladle turns 10 this year! To celebrate you’re invited to join us for a virtual birthday party on Friday March 26th from 6-8 pm. There will be an open mic and we will hear from some founding ladle members about the early days and debunk some ladle lore! Plus trivia and prizes! You are also invited to swap your fondest ladle memories. Feel free to get creative and share a poem, song or whatever you might feel inspired to do! The party will also include a mini beeswax food-wrap tutorial (an eco-alternative to plastic wrap).

Join the party with THIS ZOOM LINK!