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Joining the Loaded Ladle board

You might be asking yourself: “What does a board member do?


The Ladle board is involved with logistics and general operations of the cooperative. A board member can do a variety of things. Ideally, board members contribute to the areas where they find the most inspiration! The Loaded Ladle is, and will become, whatever the collective puts into it. This means that being a board member is a really exciting and open opportunity for new ideas to materialize! We’re super excited to hear your ideas and your inspirations!

Generally, these are some core activities you might be doing as a board member:

– Helping out in the kitchen!

– Attending regular board meetings

– Communicating with the DSU

– Helping make decisions for the current Ladle

– Helping to envision the future of the Ladle (Exciting!!)

– Communication with your wonderful fellow Ladle members! Yay!

– Reading and being familiar with our governing documents (…Exciting!!)

– Staff coordination: hiring staff and writing contracts!

And what else, you ask? A couple other things you might do include (but are definitely not limited to):

– Helping facilitate volunteer coordination

– Making cool things to represent the Ladle around campus: Silk screening, poster making, painting, stamps— whatever!

– Running a workshop or help facilitate a workshop

– Updating our website and/or social media

– Thinking and acting on ways to materialize the politics of the Ladle!

How Do I Become a Board Member?

We elect board members at our Annual General Meeting each Spring.

In order to run for the board of directors you should:

  1. Have volunteered with the Ladle for 3 shifts (or 3 times)
  2. Filled out a board nomination form (you can nominate yourself!) and submitted to the board no later than a week before the AGM
  3. Attend the AGM and find out if you are elected! If you can’t make the date of the AGM, you can still be elected to the board.

Want to know more? Contact us for more info!

2018 Board Information

2018 Board Nomination Form

The 2019 AGM will be held in April, 2019

Check out this video our adorbs 2013/2014 board of directors made!