Join the Board

We are electing board members for the 2021/2022 school year!

Our next elections will take place at our AGM on Sept 21st, 2021, at 6:30 PM ADT. The AGM will be hosted through Microsoft Teams – you can register here!

Joining the Loaded Ladle Board

The Loaded Ladle Board is involved with logistics and general operations of the cooperative. Board Members make policy and personnel decisions for The Loaded Ladle, and act as the employers of staff. There are also lots of ways for board members to get extra involved – hiring committees, planning committees, extra projects, getting funding to go to food justice trainings, helping in the kitchen, helping with food pick-ups, planning workshops, etc. 

We elect board members at our Annual General Meeting each Spring (or Fall in the case of 2020 and 2021).

In order to run for the board of directors you should:

  1. Have volunteered with the Ladle for 3 shifts (or 3 times)*
  2. Filled out a board nomination form (you can nominate yourself!). Submit the form by September 16, 2021 to If you can’t submit the form by September 14th please still get in touch!
  3. Attend the AGM and find out if you are elected! If you can’t make the date of the AGM, you can still be elected to the board.

*(It’s ok if you haven’t actually volunteered in the kitchen 3 times yet but it would be good if you tried to get in there to get a bit of that experience – email

Want to know more? Contact us for more info! Click Here for the 2021 Nomination Form.

Check out this video our adorbs 2013/2014 Board of directors made!