Volunteering in the Summer

Volunteering in the summer might look a little different than during the school year! You can still check out the volunteer sign-up to see what help is needed, and e-mail volunteer@loadedladle.com if you want to be involved but don’t know where to start!

Volunteering for Food Servings in the SUB kitchen:

Our Food Servings Program in the SUB kitchen runs in the Fall and Winter Semester. We will have 2 volunteers in the kitchen at a time. You can sign up for a block in the morning (9:30-11:30) or in the afternoon (11:45-2:00) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

To get started, please attend a safety orientation! Just e-mail volunteer@loadedladle.com with your e-mail, phone number, and an idea of your availability, and our volunteer coordinator will tell you when the next orientation is (or plan one that works!). We do them twice a month, typically.

Volunteers might end up cutting potatoes, carrots, onions, more onions, and, oh yes, onions. Or, you might be making cake batter, or preparing salads. Around lunchtime, you might be in charge of handing out food boxes to people over the counter. At the end of the day we tidy up with some cleaning!

Sign up on this google sheet for volunteer shifts and first-time orientation sessions! (Temporary system until we can fix our built-in website sign-up system)

Virtual Volunteering! 

We can use your help on all kinds of projects! Your ideas and questions welcome, send it all to volunteer@loadedladle.com.

Submit recipes to us! 

Length of task: 20 minutes, August 1st 2021

We are looking for your suggestions for recipes for our Supper with Ladle program/Food Box Program!

The Loaded Ladle will be giving out food boxes throughout the summer and will host gatherings on Zoom to cook and eat together! We are looking for new recipes that we can eat together!

Those interested can message volunteer@loadedladle.com

Why? We want our food to be informed by our community! 

Submit Zines to us!

Length of task: 60+min, no deadline

We are looking for zines of the topic of food justice, how to cook, recipes, food imperialism – anything you are interested in, especially if there is an emphasis on the student context. There are some examples of previous zines here: 


Send your finished zine to volunteer@loadedladle.com

Why? We’re building a library of zines and resources to educate students about food, and we think you have the best ideas, research, and experiences to create it! 

Art For Our Website

Length of task: 20+ min, submitted before August 1, 2021

We are looking for doodles and drawings to feature on our website, specifically, on our About page, Volunteering page, Join the Board page, Jobs, and Workshops+. 

Doodles and drawings should be in black and white so that we can make the backgrounds transparent (the final image will be black against our yellow background, like our logo and site design). Solid blacks (like the kind you would get from screenprinting) will show up the best! Please remember that images will be viewed on mobile phones, so teeny details may not translate as well.

Suggestions of images (feel free to come up with your own): ladles, pots of food, plates of food, beets, carrots, beans, aprons, baseball hats, our dishwasher, spoons, forks, and of course, people cooking together or eating together. 

Apply by e-mailing volunteer@loadedladle.com (I will check that the page you’ve chosen has not yet been claimed). 

Why? Collaborative art, zines, screenprints, etc have always been ways we show our grassroots + community-oriented personality. We want our website to communicate that feeling to our volunteers and visitors – to help people get to know us before they even meet us. 

Share foraging, gardening, medicinal plant, etc. with us!

As a part of our summer programming, we want to share knowledge on all things food, medicine, gardening! If you have something to share you can:

  • Co-host our Tuesday gardening check-in sessions with us over Instagram,
  • Create a demonstrative video, audio-clip, instagram posts  (eg. a 10 minute video of you on a foraging walk), or
  • Create a zine!

Apply by e-mailing volunteer@loadedladle.com

Other ways to get involved

  • Join the Board! We really need board members to help us with logistics and big decisions for the Ladle. Board members guide our policy, and make personnel decisions. It’s okay if you’ve never done this kind of work before, too!
  • We need drivers! We are looking for drivers to help out delivering garden packs for our garden project & food boxes from the Historic Farmer’s Market! We can offer compensation for mileage! Only limited to those in the HRM!

Co-Curricular Record

The Co-Curricular Record is an official document from Dalhousie that recognizes student accomplishments and experiential learning occurring outside the classroom. Volunteering with the Loaded Ladle can be recognized in your Co-Curricular Record.

Check out this video our adorbs 2013/2014 board of directors made!